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Il Limone

Castiglione della Pescaia
"Il Limone" is an ideal flat for 3/5 people. Located in the small town of Castiglione della Pescaia, not so far away from the castle (350 metres from the medieval village) it offers a beautiful view on the sea, and, thanks to the presence of two entrances, it is possible to walk to the sea once you have parked your car along the main street (there is not a reserved parking place).

The flat has a small garden with two centuries-old olive trees. From the garden, after going up three steps, you can reach the sea on foot (350 meters).

The flat has also a living room with a double sofa bed, a cooking area with a wash basin, a gas cooker, an oven, and a fridge with a freezer, a single room with a single bed, a double bedroom and a bathroom with a shower.

We think that the most beautiful part of the house is the veranda where you can have meals and enjoy the view of the tops of the two centuries-old olive trees in the garden below, of the roofs of the nearby houses and of the sea.

The flat has also SAT-TV and a Wi-Fi.

A small part of the garden (the one you cross to reach the gate that you have to go through if you want to walk to the sea) borders with the garden of another flat next to "Il Limone". This small two-room flat is called "Il Mandarino". The two flats might be ideal for two families that want to spend their holidays together and that want, at the same time, some privacy. Dogs are allowed but it would be better to let them sleep in the veranda or in the garden rather than in the house.