Casa In Toscana

Vino Montecucco

La Fattoria piccolo

Castel del Piano
This stone farmhouse is about 17 km from the small town of Paganico, 20 km from Montalcino and about 12 km from Castel del Piano. It is divided into two independent houses with a swimming pool (6 x 14 x 1.5) which are let as one large home during the High Season. In the other periods of the year, they can be rented separately.

The building called “Piccolo” (6 people) has a large portico, a living room with a TV area, a sofa, a fireplace, a table with chairs, a built-in kitchen and three en suite ( with showers) double bedrooms.

The building called “Grande” (10 people) has a large portico too. On the ground floor there is the kitchen and the large living room, where the owners sometimes have big dinners for their guests. On the first floor there is the second flat which has a large kitchen, a large living room with a TV area, sofas and a large table with chairs. There are also 4 en suite (with showers) double bedrooms. Two of the four bedrooms have also a single bed.

The owners produce olive oil and wine (the cowshed is not very far from the “Piccolo” building. We are positive you will be happy to spend your holidays at “La Fattoria”.