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Sanguineto Trilo4

Tuoro sul Trasimeno
Annibale, Sanguineto and La Torre, apartments with pool and beautiful panorama on the lake (Tuoro sul Trasimeno).

The six flats were made when an old cowshed, which was never used, was refurbished. It is in the centre of a tiny country village called “Sanguineto”. This place takes its name after the battle between the Roman army and the army from Carthage - led by the famous leader Hannibal - where a lot of blood was shed.

The flats have been luxuriously built with the help of ancient materials and techniques but, at the same time, by using all the modern accessories to make them as comfortable as possible. Each has liquid gas central heating with a boiler outside the flat and each has got its own electricity consumption.

Each flat has also a large balcony with a veranda and a private garden. All the flats are perfectly integrated with the environment and have a beautiful view over lake Trasimeno.

As two flats belong to the same owner and the other four (plus “La Torre”) to another person, they have all been given different names, although they are located in the same structure. All guests (included the ones of “La Torre”) can use the swimming pool (6x12 m) which is located 30-40 m below the structure. The pool has a magnificent view over the valley below and over Lake Trasimeno.


Is a studio flat with a living room and a coking area. There is a double bed, a sofa bed, and a bathroom with a shower.

Annibale-Bilo / Sanguineto-Bilo1 / Sanguineto-Bilo2

This is a two-room flat with a living room and a coking area. It has also a double bedroom, a sofa bed and a bathroom with a shower.


This flat has a living room with a coking area, a double sofa bed, two bathrooms (one with a shower and the other one with a tub) and two double bedrooms.


Here, there is a living room, a kitchenette, a bathroom with a shower, a twin-bedded room and a double bedroom.

La Torre

This ancient sighting tower stands near the tiny village of Sanguineto and dominates the flat country near which the famous battle between the Roman army and Hannibal’s army took place. During the last century people used to live in the tower, then they stopped. The careful refurbishing and the modernisation of the place – keeping its old fascination intact - gave, as a result, a small flat for two people. The living room, with a cooking area, is downstairs. By means of an iron wrought staircase you get to the first floor where there is a double bedroom with a small bathroom with a shower. There is also air conditioning which can be used by paying some extra money. The Tower is surrounded by a panoramic garden where there are two vey ancient olive trees. There is a gazebo under one of the two olive trees, where you can comfortably sit to have breakfast or look at the view. The guests of La Torre can also enjoy the pool which is only 20 m far from the small house.

In each of the above said flats dogs are welcome but guests are kindly requested never to leave them inside alone. For each dog there is an extra charge of 15 € for the cleaning of the place when guests leave the flat.