Casa In Toscana


La Tenuta Camino

Pisa Peccioli
Three houses, five appartments with pool on a wine estate, about 10 km from of Peccioli. This large estate, of about 350 hectares, is located on low hills. It is 200 metres above sea level. The estate is 50 km from Pisa, 55 from Lucca, 25 from Volterra and about 45 from San Gimignano. The estate is very old: in fact the original buildings date back to 1370 AD.

From the very beginning, grapevines and olive trees were the main resources of the various farms that can be found also today. 16 hectares of the estate are planted with grapevines, 30 hectares with olive trees, and 150 with cereals. The rest of the estate is made up of woods. Oil and wine are produced here and exported throughout the world. Some years ago, Francesca decided to refurbish some of the farms to let them to tourists. The refurbishing, of course, was made respecting the original structures of the farms. Every farm has been turned into two flats, on the first floor, totally independent. All the flats are surrounded by vegetation and have a swimming pool.

Extra bed: €100. Pet: €30/week.

Monte (10 people) and Giulia (6 people)

These are the largest flats. They are both on the first floor and each with its own external staircase. If rented together by a group of not more than 16 people, they offer a great deal of privacy. The pool, which is shared by the two flats, is about 12x6 and is about 20-30 metres from the two flats, on a hill that offers a magnificent view over the hills and the valleys around. A large and old gazebo, which was used, in old times, as a barn, gives guests the possibility to take meals in the open. The washing machine – which can be used by the guests of the two flats by paying a small amount of money – is in a room on the ground floor. There is a barbecue in the garden. Monte, which is about 200 sq m, can host up to 10 people. It has 3 double bedrooms, 2 twin-bedded rooms, 3 bathrooms with a shower, a bathroom with a tub and a shower, and a toilet with a washbasin and a water closet. It has a large living room with a fireplace and sofas and a kitchen with an oven and a dishwasher. One of the two twin-bedded rooms can be reached from the living room by a wooden staircase. One of the three bathrooms is inside this bedroom. Giulia is about 120 sq m and can host 6 people. It has two double bedrooms, a twin-bedded room, two bathrooms with a shower, a living room with a fireplace and a kitchen with a dishwasher. Both flats have independent central heating.

Camino (4 people) and Prospero (4 people)

These flats are on the first floor, like Monte and Giulia. They have an independent entrance each, but can be reached by the same external staircase. The swimming pool, which is 9x4 metres, is about 30-30 metres from the farm. Guests can use a large garden with a barbecue and take meals outside. If rented together by families of 8 people, these flats can give a lot of privacy. Both “Camino” and “Prospero” are about 80 sq m and have a double bedroom, a twin-bedded room, a bathroom with a shower and a kitchen with an oven and a dishwasher. The washing machine is in a room on the ground floor and can be used by the guests of the two flats by paying a small amount of money.

Guardia (8 people)

Guardia is 40-50 metres from the farm with Camino and Prospero. It used to be the gamekeeper’s house (this is why it is called Guardia). This house has been refurbished and destined to host tourists, and, in the winter season, to host hunters. This house too is surrounded by vegetation and has an exclusive swimming pool of 6x4 metres. The house, which is on two floors, is about 180 sq m and can host up to 8 people. It is simply furnished. Downstairs, there is a double bedroom, a twin-bedded room, 2 bathrooms with a shower, a living room and a kitchen. In the kitchen there is a French windows that opens on the back garden where you can take meals. Upstairs, there is a double bedroom and a twin-bedded room, a bathroom with a shower, a living room with a fireplace and a kitchenette. The house has central heating and therefore it can be rented also in autumn and winter.

The houses in the “Tenuta di Francesca” can be rented by different kinds of families. They can be rented by families who want to make excursions to the nearby old art towns, or by more numerous families who want to have a holiday together in a relaxing place and enjoy the extra-virgin olive oil and various wines produced here.