Casa In Toscana

Monte Amiata

Il Mulino

Castel del Piano
This house dates back to the 17th century. The mill was used to grind the chestnuts and corn produced in the mountainous area by exploiting the driving power of the nearby stream water. The stream still flows today not far away from the house.

The mill was built together with the old wooden bridge whose ruined walls are still visible. In old times the mill was very important because it was next to the old road that connected the village of Montelaterone to two monasteries (S. Lorenzo dei Frati Cappuccini near Arcidosso and S. Processo, which is still visible today a few hundred metres from the mill along the road that takes to Castel del Piano). During the 30’s, the old wooden bridge was replaced with the present bridge over which you have to drive if you want to get to Castel del Piano. In the course of time, the mill stopped to be used and was abandoned. Towards the end of 2006, the present owners started to refurbish it. The mill was completely restored in March 2007.

The refurbishing respected the architectonic style of the old mill of course. You can still find, inside the house and in the garden, the old stone grinding wheels. One of them was left were it was used for the last time, the other, instead, was used as the base of the fireplace which was once in the warehouse. The warehouse is now the living room!

“Il Mulino” is below the road level. The land is terraced. Guests can leave their cars a few metres from the house. A narrow path with wrought iron banisters leads to the house. To the right of “Il Mulino” there is the old stone well which, with its two locks, fed the mill wheel with water. Nowadays, instead, there is a circular swimming pool inside with a diameter of 7.20 m and 1.10 m deep. Opened from first Saturday of May to last Saturday of September.

The house has two flats. One flat is on the first floor and can be reached by walking up an external staircase. It has a living room with a cooking area, two double bedrooms and two bathrooms with a shower.

The other flat is on the ground floor. The entrance door opens into the night area (a double bedroom with a bathroom inside, a single room and a bathroom with a shower in the corridor). By walking down a wrought iron staircase you get to the kitchen and the living room. The staircase was built in the area where there was the old wheel once. From the kitchen you get to an access area, where there is a bathroom, and to the living room, where there is a stone corner fireplace. A French door in the living room opens into the garden with the stream that flows not far away.“Il Mulino” is a very special place where you can spend a beautiful holiday surrounded by nature.

There is a round pool: Ø 7,30 metres, 110 cm deep. The pool is opened from the 1st Saturday of May to the last Saturday of September.

We would like to remind our clients that the place can host no more than 11 people (that is, a maximum of 9 adults and 2 children aged less than 12 years). If some people decided to spend their holidays here by coming in small groups at different times, but respecting the above said limit, they would be able to do so by previously asking the owner for a specific authorization.