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Maremma - mare

Il Borgo Le Calle

Castiglione della Pescaia
Exclusive, quiet, unique, panoramic and elegant.On the upper part of the small town, a few metres from the entrance to the Castle of Castiglione della Pescaia, with a view of the town below, of the sea and the pinewood, there is a group of houses called Il Borgo, which, in ancient times, belonged to the convent that was located next to one of the two churches with a steeple inside the Borgo.

It takes 4-5 minutes to walk to the sea. Restaurants, pizza joints, wine bars and pubs are less than 100-200 metres away and inside the Borgo of course.

Having a house there, where you can get away from the noise which is typical of all seaside resorts, is really something very special. Walking along the narrow streets of the Borgo (Via di Mezzo, Via delle Campane, Via del Recinto e Via dell'Amore) gives you a deep sense of peace and serenity: it looks like being in a place where time has stopped! The striking of the hours and half hours (which are called mezze in Italian) by the steeple clock (which has now become, together with the castle, a symbol of the town) is one of the most unique characteristics of the place.

During the summer months and some week ends, the owners stays in the bigger house. Both guest houses have their own entrance from the street leading to the castle and each entrance has got a flight o stairs.

Il Convento

The entrance to this house is nearer the church than the entrance to Le Calle. As soon as you open the big door, which is in the street, you will see a steep flight of stairs at the top of which, on the left, you will find your house front door. Opposite your front door, on the right, there is the owner's daughter's flat front door. She also stays in her flat just for the summer and during some week ends.

Once you get into the flat, on the right and up 2-3 stairs, you will be in the kitchen which is furnished with typically Tuscan furniture. A large not working fireplace, has been turned into a cooking top. Along the corridor leading to the living room there is, on the left, a small bathroom with a shower. The large living room is full of furniture, knick-knacks, paintings, mirrors, a bookcase with very old books, and a not working fireplace.

From the living room windows you can enjoy a beautiful view of Castiglione della Pescaia and of the sea. To the left of the living room there is a reading room with a single sofa bed. All the floors, even those of the double bedrooms - one of which has got also a single bed - are made with very old terracotta tiles. Only the floor of the new bathroom is made of more modern tiles, but with the same old taste.

The name "Il Convento" was chosen by the owner because in old times this house was part of the castle convent. Part of the convent was refurbished and turned into a house while the rest is still waiting to be redone. You can ask the owner to show you the garden of the old convent. He will be very happy and you will be shocked by the beauty and variety of flowers and plants. From this garden, as well as from the house courtyard, you can see the church steeple. In the courtyard, which is entirely paved, there is a gazebo with a wisteria plant as a roof.

Every room of these two fantastic houses contains objects that reminds the owners of the past and his ancestors. Everything is flawless, in order and precious.

The owner accepts pets but he would like them not to be left alone inside.

Le Calle

After going up 6-7 steps, you will find yourselves under a magnificent pergola that intertwines with a big evergreen plant of bignonia which, in summer, makes the garden even more beautiful with its orange flowers. Opposite the small stairs, at the feet of the fence which separates the owner's garden from the guests', the are some tall callas.

From the garden you can enjoy the view of the town, the sea and the beach.

In the living room there is a cooking point with an oven, a fridge, a freezer and everything you can possibly need to do the cooking. There is also a table with chairs, a very old glass cabinet and a single sofa bed.

Opposite the entrance, past the living room, by going down 3-4 stairs, you get to the double bedroom and to the bathroom with a shower. All the furniture is very old. From the bedroom window you can enjoy the same view as from the garden.

There is air conditioning which can also be used to warm the house in winter.

Every room of these two fantastic houses contains objects that reminds the owners of the past and his ancestors. Everything is flawless, in order and precious.

The owner accepts pets but he would like them not to be left alone inside.


This is a two-room flat of 48sq m located along the road leading to the village church. It does not have an open space outside. The living room has a cooking area which includes an oven, a fridge with a freezer and all the necessary equipment to cook. There is also a table with chairs and a double sofa bed. Next to the living room, there is a small access corridor where there are the bathroom and the double bedroom doors. The bathroom has a shower and the bedroom has a ceiling fan. All the windows have fly screens. The flat has also a washing machine.