Casa In Toscana

Colline Metallifere

Il Castello La Duchessa

Colline Metallifere
Two appartments in Roccastrada. According to a legend, the building of the Castle started in 1272 when the Fornoli castle, on the opposite northern hill, was destroyed. Il Castello was built on a hill, 420 metres high, 2 km from Roccastrada. The castle has a beautiful view on the whole valley below as far as the sea. It was built with trachyte, a typical volcanic stone which was used to build villages, monasteries and castles. During World war II, it was seriously damaged.

Ms Jolanda's father (Jolanda is the owner of the two flats that can be rented) bought it and began the hard and long task of refurbishing it. When he died the castle was inherited by his 6 children, who live there at the moment. Jolanda and her husband kept a small two-room flat for themselves which they do not always use.

They prefer the guests to stay in the bigger flats as they can make them enjoy better the castle atmosphere!

Distances: Grosseto: 30 km., Castiglione della Pescaia: 45 km., Follonica: 38 km., Siena: 55 km., Firenze: 120 km.

La Duchessa

La Duchessa is the first floor flat which can be reached by going up a flight of ancient stairs near the old oven.

Before you get into the flat, after going up the stairs, you can enjoy the beautiful view around the castle: the woods, the far away villages, the hills and the sea.

This flat has a very special and characteristic veranda which is fully enclosed by glass panes and which has a splendid panoramic view. The two sides of the veranda have lots of glass windows from which you can enjoy the view not only of the castle square but also of the valley around it. This flat has a kitchen with a fireplace, a small bathroom with a shower and a double bedroom.

There is also a double sofa bed in the veranda.

This flat is simply furnished but, like La Castellana, with antiques. People who love ancient times and history will surely appreciate this beautiful castle.